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Donna Fletcher is one of Winnipeg’s busiest theatre artists, but luckily for us she found a few moments to chat in advance of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, which she will be directing! Read on to find out more about Donna’s favourite clothes,  what she hopes the audience will take from this special one-night-only fundraiser, and the Nora Ephron movie she loves the most!

What excites you about Love, Loss, and What I Wore?

I love the poignancy of the stories and the universality of each woman’s experience.  I personally identify with about half of these stories and laughed out loud as I saw myself and my own experience reflected from the page. We all have those outfits we wore that we now realize were disasters, we had our mums issue dire warnings about wearing the “wrong” clothes, we have the pieces we hold onto even though they don’t fit because of an associated memory or experience, and we all have the comfort pieces that we slip into when we need to collapse with our favourite beverage and bag of Doritos!

What will your process be for working with the star-studded cast we have assembled for this evening?

I will ask them about their experiences and have them share their thoughts about their clothes [related] memories. I will take them through the script story by story and work to develop that sisterhood that women can easily create through shared experience. I want a lot of laughter and perhaps even some tears.

What do you hope the audience takes away from this production?

I would love the audience to leave feeling uplifted and empowered by these stories. I would love them to feel the joy, humour, pathos, pain and wonder of these stories.  Most of all I want the deep love of the Ephron sisters to fill the room and fill the hearts of the audience.

How do you personally relate to the characters and stories that are shared in the script? 

I am very much a sense memory person.  I absolutely remember everything I was wearing (often down to my shoes and earrings) at seminal moments in my life.  I remember how the clothes felt; the texture, exact shades and cut of the fabric; the cost of the garment (I am a huge bargain hunter!); and most of all how the clothes made me feel. I may not remember the date, the year or who was with me but I can describe my outfit in ridiculous detail!

Do you have a favourite work from play author Nora Ephron? 

I LOVE When Harry Met Sally.  This is by far my favourite of her pieces!

Did you or do you have any articles of clothing that have a special significance to you? 

Oh yes! A pair of brown buckled flats that I wore all through junior high; a beautiful royal blue knit dress that caught my husband’s eye when we were students in University; a two piece navy silk outfit with a gorgeous V neck, short sleeve blouse, and calf length pleated skirt that made me feel tall and elegant; my dad’s cream and tan plaid wool jacket that I still wear to this day! I can go on for paragraphs! Clearly I love my clothes…

Love, Loss, and What I Wore features Gail Asper, Chrissy Troy, Janet Stewart, Nancy Sorel, and Debbie Maslowsky. This special fundraising event is happening for one night only this Thursday, April 20th at 7:30 PM! Tickets are going fast, but there are still a few available –  click here to get yours now!





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