Winnipeg Jewish Theatre holds two types of auditions: general and play-specific.

We hold general auditions for both Equity and non-Equity actors. For actors who have auditioned for us in the past, it is not necessary to schedule another general audition. Actors are free to submit their resume and head shot at any time, and it will be kept on file.

With play-specific auditions, WJT will publish notice of which plays and parts are being cast. While we feel it is of vital importance to cast locally, some productions lead us to audition and cast in other cities as well.  If you have any questions about auditioning for WJT, please contact our infoline at 204-477-7515 or info@wjt.ca.

Play submissions

Winnipeg Jewish Theatre requests that playwrights interested in submitting their work for production consideration send a letter of inquiry, along with a synopsis, to WJT’s Assistant Producer at info@wjt.ca. Due to the volume of submissions we cannot reply to all individuals who send their plays. Please note that WJT typically produces plays with a cast size of five or smaller. We plan our seasons several years in advance, so plays that are submitted without commission will likely not be programmed for, at minimum, the next three years. 






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